Warehouse Gets Asphalt Repairs During Off Hours

A warehouse-based distributor was needing to have their loading dock area repaired before heavy traffic came in and out during the winter, when there would be no chance to get the necessary repairs done. They needed top-notch Maple Grove parking lot maintenance performed in this area. This included crack filling, patching, sealcoating, and re-striping. They also wanted to have the job done during off hours, because shipping activity could not be interrupted by the repairs. We let them know that we could do this for them and it would not be a problem, because we have done this in the past for many of our other customers.

The parking lot repairs were scheduled.

Our crew was going to start the asphalt repairs on Saturday morning, because the warehouse was closed on the weekend. The crew was glad that Mother Nature was on our side, because the sun was shining bright and the temperature was pleasant.

We did complete parking lot repairs for an urgent client request here in Maple Grove - Pavement Resources

The crew started filling all the cracks and patching the potholes first. We were using our special spray inject patching technique. The spray inject patching is an affordable and excellent method of repairing cracks and potholes in the asphalt. We use compressed air to remove all the debris and any loose materials from the area, then we apply hot asphalt emulsion with forced air. The crew will then place a dry coat of aggregate on the top of the asphalt patch, which will prevent unsightly tracking. The compaction is also done with forced air.

Our asphalt crack filling and parking lot patching are long lasting and durable. The crew returned the following day to apply sealcoating to the area before marking it with appropriate line striping. We were able to work with our client to get the job done on their timetable, and this was a huge relief to the company’s management.

The customer was very pleased with the parking lot repairs that we performed for him. He said he couldn’t believe that the loading dock area had never looked this good before. He continued to say that he looks forward to doing business with us again in the near future, because we have been the only asphalt contractor to work so reliably. All of the work was done on time and during their off hours, and most importantly we stayed within the budget that we quoted them.


Shoe Store Brings a Unique Request

The owner of a shoe store in Brooklyn Park contacted us recently. The shoe store owner was wanting to turn an otherwise unusable portion of their parking lot into a small asphalt running track for people to test their new shoes and also to give the store a little more street visibility. The strip of parking space wasn’t quite wide enough to accommodate any vehicles, so they wanted us to repair it and then add a layer of sealcoating. We let them know that we could provide all the parking lot maintenance in Brooklyn Park that they requested, but that we would like to come out and look over the asphalt so we could provide them with an accurate estimate.

Our asphalt contractor team arrived on the scene.

We arrived that same afternoon that the shoe store owner contacted us, so we could check out the condition of the asphalt and provide them with options and an estimate for the work that he wanted done. The asphalt was in good condition as it only needed a few repairs done. We gave him a asphalt repair estimate that he was pleased with, then he asked us to start immediately. 

We completed asphalt maintenance in brooklyn park for a customer with a unique request

We were scheduled the following day, but it was raining continuously, so we started the asphalt maintenance the next day as the forecast was for sunshine and warm weather. The crew started with asphalt crack filling, and then we applied sealcoating to the asphalt. Once the sealcoating was applied the customer asked us to stripe it down the length of the lot on one side to mark it like a running track, so we applied parking lot striping. The completed work looked awesome when we had finished and the store owner told us they would definitely call us to repair the rest of the lot next summer.

The customer said he was very impressed with the lot. He didn’t really know that it would turn out looking so good. He told us he really wanted to have a running area for quite some time, but didn’t know if it would be possible. He was really happy that we have been able to add the parking lot striping according to his design, and told us that it had made a huge impact on the lot. Now, his customers can really try their new sneakers before they leave his store, because of the nice asphalt repairs that we provided for him and his customers.

We Help Out A Local Property Owner

A few weeks ago, a property owner who managed a strip of restaurants with a shared parking lot contacted us. He explained that the parking lot had received a lot of salt damage over the last winter, so he needed to get some of the potholes patched as the busy summer season wound down. He called us in to do the parking lot repair in Roseville, and we were able to get the repairs done very quickly for him before it became too cold.

We began the parking lot repair process.

We arrived first thing Monday morning to start the asphalt repairs. The entire crew was thrilled to see the sun shining and there was no rain in the forecast, which is perfect for the repairs that were going to be made to the asphalt. The crew began cleaning the asphalt thoroughly, so all the dirt, chemicals, and debris would be removed. The crew was going to apply spray inject patching to the potholes, which is a cost effective way to repair the asphalt. To use the spray inject patching you have to have the right equipment, which we of course do. 

We did this parking lot repair in Roseville for a happy customer - PR

The crew has to first clean the asphalt, then the area of the pothole has to be cleaned with compressed air so all of the debris and loose material will be removed. Then, the crew applied a tack of hot asphalt using more forced air. The crew will then place a dry coat of aggregate on the top of the patched area to prevent any tracking that could occur. The forced air compacts the patch in layers until the parking lot patching is finished. This is a successful and long lasting way to repair potholes. We have been using this method for quite some time and it works wonderfully. Even the Minnesota Department of Transportation named the spray inject patching as the best way to repair asphalt.

The crew had the parking lot maintenance done on time and within the budget. We were able to have the entire parking lot done in less than two days. The client was also very pleased with our performance. He called the office to say the crew did a wonderful job and he was happy that he called the best asphalt contractor around. He said we exceeded his expectations, and that the parking lot repairs looked great.

New Coffee Shop Location Refurbishes Old Lot With Great Results

A month or so ago we received a call from an owner of a coffee shop. She explained that she was looking to open a new location at a site that badly needed parking lot maintenance. One of the factors that would affect her final decision on purchasing the new location was the cost of repairing the existing lot or installing a new lot at a different location that she didn’t really like quite as much as this location. She wanted to know if we could come out and take a look at the lot and provide her with an estimate for the Maple Grove parking lot repairs.

We met with her the same afternoon and we walked through the lot and evaluated it. We were able to provide her with an asphalt repair estimate for a number of services, and she ultimately went forward with the existing site. We explained each of the services that we could do for the lot, which included parking lot patching, crack filling, and sealcoating. These are a few of our parking lot maintenance services that are affordable and valuable.

The parking lot repairs soon commenced

We helped out this coffee shop with our Maple Grove parking lot maintenance workThe crew arrived the following week to start the parking lot repair services for the coffee shop owner. The crew removed all the debris on the surface of the lot by sweeping it with industrial machines, then the crew started the parking lot patching via spray inject patching. This type of patching will repair the potholes along with the cracks that are present on the asphalt. We had to let some of the asphalt cool and cure. The crew then started the sealcoating process, which would provide the customer with a final lot that would be smooth and durable. We were able to have all the parking lot repairs completed on time and within the estimated budget that we had provided for the customer.

The asphalt maintenance was completed and was also a total success. The customer was thrilled with the lot when she saw it. She was very pleased that she used Pavement Resources for the repairs that had been completed. She couldn’t get over how nice the lot looked, and that it had all been done at an affordable price. She will have a brand new looking lot that will go along with her new coffee shop location. Our crew was just as happy that we provided another customer with the highest level of asphalt repairs available in Maple Grove.

Group of Shops Prepare for Busy Season

Pavement Resources received a call from a group of small business owners in Blaine. They owned a small strip of shops that had had work done on their parking lot in the early 2000’s. They called us to have extensive parking lot repairs in Blaine performed, which would help them draw in more business and maintain their regular clientele. They explained that the current damage was reducing their lot space by about four spaces, which would not be good once the winter shopping season started. The small business owners wanted to know if we could come out and offer solutions for their parking lot.

Parking Lot maintenance at these blaine shops was needed badly - Pavement ResourcesOur qualified crew met with the small business owners, and we walked through the parking lot. We needed to inspect it thoroughly. We recommended crack sealing, parking lot patching, and sealcoating, which are our popular parking lot maintenance services that we provide our customers. They all agreed that this was a great solution, because they all thought they may need to have an entire new parking lot installed. The crew provided an estimate everyone could agree with and we were scheduled to start first thing on Monday morning.

Blaine parking lot maintenance was on track.

Our crew arrived at the strip mall and first started cleaning the parking lot thoroughly. We clean the parking lot to get rid of all the dirt, debris, and chemicals that are present on the lot. The crew started patching the potholes that were visible, then proceeded with the parking lot crack filling that was sorely needed. Each day the crew arrived early and worked until about dusk. The crew made sure to do sections of the lot so the shops could still conduct business. The last step that the crew performed was the parking lot sealcoating, which makes the lot much stronger and more durable. It also provides a nice, fresh look that is appealing to all customers who enter the strip mall.

Our crew was able to have the parking lot maintenance project completed ahead of schedule, mostly due to the weather being nice and cooperative. A few of the store owners contacted us throughout the week. Each of them thanked the crew for doing a great job. Each one of them was very thankful that the asphalt repairs didn’t interfere with customers coming to the stores. They all told us that we would be the only asphalt contractor they intended to contact for all parking lot maintenance that would need to be done in the future.

Brewery Gets Plenty of Functional Space

We were recently contacted by a local business owner. A new brewery was planning on opening a tap house, and the owner wanted to have a space for a food truck to be able to park and serve people. This would be in addition to the normal parking spaces available for both staff and customers. The owner wanted to see if we could provide him with the necessary Minneapolis parking lot repairs at an affordable price. We let him know that we don’t like to give an estimate over the phone, but that we would gladly come out to his brewery to inspect the asphalt surface he was working with. Then we would be able to better provide him with options. The owner asked us to come out as soon as possible, because he really wanted to get the food truck started.

We helped a brewery with thei rminneapolis parking lot repairsWe met with the owner, and he showed us the parking lot where a lot of attention was needed. He also showed us where he wanted the food truck to park. We gave him an estimate for the full range of parking lot maintenance services he would need to be function. Our estimate was for parking lot crack filling, pothole patching, and sealcoating. The owner agreed with the estimate and we were scheduled to start the following day.

We began our paving contractor services

The crew arrived at the brewery and the started to clean the lot to remove all debris and dirt. The crew started the parking lot patching, then they filled all the cracks. The last step was the sealcoating, which was applied. The owner saw how good the parking lot was looking and he asked if we could apply striping, because that would allow customers to park safely. The crew returned the following day to apply the stripes. The parking lot repairs were finished, and were a complete success.

We were able to repair all the areas that needed attention and we expanded the lot to meet the customer’s request. When we were completely finished with the asphalt repairs the parking lot looked like we installed a totally new parking lot. The customer was overjoyed with the lot. He was so happy with our performance that he invited each crewmember to come out on their day off and enjoy a nice cold drink and a delicious sandwich that would be prepared in the food truck on his lot. He said he just can’t get over the transformation of the lot and he wished he would have contacted us sooner, because we provided him with the best parking lot repairs available.

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