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In Minneapolis, Minnesota the homeowners and businesses depend on having consistent parking lot maintenance and a safe driveway as it increases property values and adds curb appeal. This is why homeowners and businesses contact the professionals at Pavement Resources for all their asphalt repair needs, because we have over two decades of experience in the asphalt industry. We provide complete asphalt services to meet the needs of our local customers.

Asphalt Contractor Services

Pavement Resources provides superior asphalt maintenance services in the twin cities area. These services include:

  • Parking Lot Maintenance
  • Parking Lot Patching
  • Parking Lot Sweeping
  • Parking Lot Repair
  • Parking Lot Crack Filling
  • Sealcoating
  • And much more…

Pavement Resources is twin cities’s expert asphalt provider. Our technicians are highly trained and qualified. We thrive on providing quality asphalt services.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minneapolis is the largest city in Minnesota and the forty-sixth largest city in the United States with a population of 407,207. It is located on the Mississippi River and Minnesota River banks. It is very rich in water as there are twenty lakes, wetlands, creeks, and waterfalls. Charles Hoag, the city’s first schoolteacher combined mni, which is a Dakota Sioux word that means water, then polis, which is a Greek word that means city to come up with the name Minneapolis. The nicknames for the city are “Twin Cities” and “City of Lakes”. The motto for the city is “En Avant”, which is French that means “Forward”. The first inhabitants to the region was the Dakota Sioux, then French explorers began arriving in the late 1600’s. John H. Stevens and Franklin Steel founded the city, which was incorporated in 1867. It is a thriving city with adventure and activities around every corner.

We did this parking lot maintenance in Minneapolis - Pavement ResourcesOne of the largest modern art museums in the United States is the Walker Center, which is over seventeen acres. The Walker Art Center has a visual arts program, performing arts, a moving image, and an educational program. The Minneapolis Sculpture Garden is an eleven acre park located across the street from the Walker Center. The centerpiece is a Spoonbridge and Cherry sculpture fountain. The Sculpture Garden has the Cowles Conservatory, the Irene Hixon Whitney Bridge, and beautiful plants and flowers. If you are visiting, then you should visit these two locations.

The city has several different tours that allows visitors to learn about the city. There is a historical walking tour, boat tours, and bike tours. Sports enthusiasts can watch the Minnesota Twins baseball team, the Minnesota Vikings football team, Minnesota Timberwolves basketball team, and the Minnesota Wild hockey team play in the city. All of these professional teams play in the twin cities. It is a vibrant and exciting city that attracts thousands of visitors each year.

Pavement Resources provides Minneapolis with quality asphalt services that homeowners and businesses can trust. Contact us today to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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Brewery Gets Plenty of Functional Space

We were recently contacted by a local business owner. A new brewery was planning on opening a tap house, and the owner wanted to have a space for a food truck to be able to park and serve people. This would be in addition to the normal parking spaces available for both staff and customers. The owner wanted to see if we could provide him with the necessary Minneapolis parking lot repairs at an affordable price. We let him know that we don’t like to give an estimate over the phone, but that we would gladly come out to his brewery to inspect the asphalt surface he was working with. Then we would be able to better provide him with options. The owner asked us to come out as soon as possible, because he really wanted to get the food truck started.

We helped a brewery with thei rminneapolis parking lot repairsWe met with the owner, and he showed us the parking lot where a lot of attention was needed. He also showed us where he wanted the food truck to park. We gave him an estimate for the full range of parking lot maintenance services he would need to be function. Our estimate was for parking lot crack filling, pothole patching, and sealcoating. The owner agreed with the estimate and we were scheduled to start the following day.

We began our paving contractor services

The crew arrived at the brewery and the started to clean the lot to remove all debris and dirt. The crew started the parking lot patching, then they filled all the cracks. The last step was the sealcoating, which was applied. The owner saw how good the parking lot was looking and he asked if we could apply striping, because that would allow customers to park safely. The crew returned the following day to apply the stripes. The parking lot repairs were finished, and were a complete success.

We were able to repair all the areas that needed attention and we expanded the lot to meet the customer’s request. When we were completely finished with the asphalt repairs the parking lot looked like we installed a totally new parking lot. The customer was overjoyed with the lot. He was so happy with our performance that he invited each crewmember to come out on their day off and enjoy a nice cold drink and a delicious sandwich that would be prepared in the food truck on his lot. He said he just can’t get over the transformation of the lot and he wished he would have contacted us sooner, because we provided him with the best parking lot repairs available.