Group of Shops Prepare for Busy Season

Pavement Resources received a call from a group of small business owners in Blaine. They owned a small strip of shops that had had work done on their parking lot in the early 2000’s. They called us to have extensive parking lot repairs in Blaine performed, which would help them draw in more business and maintain their regular clientele. They explained that the current damage was reducing their lot space by about four spaces, which would not be good once the winter shopping season started. The small business owners wanted to know if we could come out and offer solutions for their parking lot.

Parking Lot maintenance at these blaine shops was needed badly - Pavement ResourcesOur qualified crew met with the small business owners, and we walked through the parking lot. We needed to inspect it thoroughly. We recommended crack sealing, parking lot patching, and sealcoating, which are our popular parking lot maintenance services that we provide our customers. They all agreed that this was a great solution, because they all thought they may need to have an entire new parking lot installed. The crew provided an estimate everyone could agree with and we were scheduled to start first thing on Monday morning.

Blaine parking lot maintenance was on track.

Our crew arrived at the strip mall and first started cleaning the parking lot thoroughly. We clean the parking lot to get rid of all the dirt, debris, and chemicals that are present on the lot. The crew started patching the potholes that were visible, then proceeded with the parking lot crack filling that was sorely needed. Each day the crew arrived early and worked until about dusk. The crew made sure to do sections of the lot so the shops could still conduct business. The last step that the crew performed was the parking lot sealcoating, which makes the lot much stronger and more durable. It also provides a nice, fresh look that is appealing to all customers who enter the strip mall.

Our crew was able to have the parking lot maintenance project completed ahead of schedule, mostly due to the weather being nice and cooperative. A few of the store owners contacted us throughout the week. Each of them thanked the crew for doing a great job. Each one of them was very thankful that the asphalt repairs didn’t interfere with customers coming to the stores. They all told us that we would be the only asphalt contractor they intended to contact for all parking lot maintenance that would need to be done in the future.