New Coffee Shop Location Refurbishes Old Lot With Great Results

A month or so ago we received a call from an owner of a coffee shop. She explained that she was looking to open a new location at a site that badly needed parking lot maintenance. One of the factors that would affect her final decision on purchasing the new location was the cost of repairing the existing lot or installing a new lot at a different location that she didn’t really like quite as much as this location. She wanted to know if we could come out and take a look at the lot and provide her with an estimate for the Maple Grove parking lot repairs.

We met with her the same afternoon and we walked through the lot and evaluated it. We were able to provide her with an asphalt repair estimate for a number of services, and she ultimately went forward with the existing site. We explained each of the services that we could do for the lot, which included parking lot patching, crack filling, and sealcoating. These are a few of our parking lot maintenance services that are affordable and valuable.

The parking lot repairs soon commenced

We helped out this coffee shop with our Maple Grove parking lot maintenance workThe crew arrived the following week to start the parking lot repair services for the coffee shop owner. The crew removed all the debris on the surface of the lot by sweeping it with industrial machines, then the crew started the parking lot patching via spray inject patching. This type of patching will repair the potholes along with the cracks that are present on the asphalt. We had to let some of the asphalt cool and cure. The crew then started the sealcoating process, which would provide the customer with a final lot that would be smooth and durable. We were able to have all the parking lot repairs completed on time and within the estimated budget that we had provided for the customer.

The asphalt maintenance was completed and was also a total success. The customer was thrilled with the lot when she saw it. She was very pleased that she used Pavement Resources for the repairs that had been completed. She couldn’t get over how nice the lot looked, and that it had all been done at an affordable price. She will have a brand new looking lot that will go along with her new coffee shop location. Our crew was just as happy that we provided another customer with the highest level of asphalt repairs available in Maple Grove.