Shoe Store Brings a Unique Request

The owner of a shoe store in Brooklyn Park contacted us recently. The shoe store owner was wanting to turn an otherwise unusable portion of their parking lot into a small asphalt running track for people to test their new shoes and also to give the store a little more street visibility. The strip of parking space wasn’t quite wide enough to accommodate any vehicles, so they wanted us to repair it and then add a layer of sealcoating. We let them know that we could provide all the parking lot maintenance in Brooklyn Park that they requested, but that we would like to come out and look over the asphalt so we could provide them with an accurate estimate.

Our asphalt contractor team arrived on the scene.

We arrived that same afternoon that the shoe store owner contacted us, so we could check out the condition of the asphalt and provide them with options and an estimate for the work that he wanted done. The asphalt was in good condition as it only needed a few repairs done. We gave him a asphalt repair estimate that he was pleased with, then he asked us to start immediately. 

We completed asphalt maintenance in brooklyn park for a customer with a unique request

We were scheduled the following day, but it was raining continuously, so we started the asphalt maintenance the next day as the forecast was for sunshine and warm weather. The crew started with asphalt crack filling, and then we applied sealcoating to the asphalt. Once the sealcoating was applied the customer asked us to stripe it down the length of the lot on one side to mark it like a running track, so we applied parking lot striping. The completed work looked awesome when we had finished and the store owner told us they would definitely call us to repair the rest of the lot next summer.

The customer said he was very impressed with the lot. He didn’t really know that it would turn out looking so good. He told us he really wanted to have a running area for quite some time, but didn’t know if it would be possible. He was really happy that we have been able to add the parking lot striping according to his design, and told us that it had made a huge impact on the lot. Now, his customers can really try their new sneakers before they leave his store, because of the nice asphalt repairs that we provided for him and his customers.