Warehouse Gets Asphalt Repairs During Off Hours

A warehouse-based distributor was needing to have their loading dock area repaired before heavy traffic came in and out during the winter, when there would be no chance to get the necessary repairs done. They needed top-notch Maple Grove parking lot maintenance performed in this area. This included crack filling, patching, sealcoating, and re-striping. They also wanted to have the job done during off hours, because shipping activity could not be interrupted by the repairs. We let them know that we could do this for them and it would not be a problem, because we have done this in the past for many of our other customers.

The parking lot repairs were scheduled.

Our crew was going to start the asphalt repairs on Saturday morning, because the warehouse was closed on the weekend. The crew was glad that Mother Nature was on our side, because the sun was shining bright and the temperature was pleasant.

We did complete parking lot repairs for an urgent client request here in Maple Grove - Pavement Resources

The crew started filling all the cracks and patching the potholes first. We were using our special spray inject patching technique. The spray inject patching is an affordable and excellent method of repairing cracks and potholes in the asphalt. We use compressed air to remove all the debris and any loose materials from the area, then we apply hot asphalt emulsion with forced air. The crew will then place a dry coat of aggregate on the top of the asphalt patch, which will prevent unsightly tracking. The compaction is also done with forced air.

Our asphalt crack filling and parking lot patching are long lasting and durable. The crew returned the following day to apply sealcoating to the area before marking it with appropriate line striping. We were able to work with our client to get the job done on their timetable, and this was a huge relief to the company’s management.

The customer was very pleased with the parking lot repairs that we performed for him. He said he couldn’t believe that the loading dock area had never looked this good before. He continued to say that he looks forward to doing business with us again in the near future, because we have been the only asphalt contractor to work so reliably. All of the work was done on time and during their off hours, and most importantly we stayed within the budget that we quoted them.