To: Owner of Pavement Resources,

About a month ago, I was at the Blaine Menards getting ready to seal coat my driveway and I noticed “Mike (last name?)” in the checkout line with a shirt emblazoned with your company logo “Pavement Resources” and contact information. I took a chance an asked him if he had a minute to advise me as to the best way to seal coat my driveway. I also told him I was on a very tight budget and I needed to complete the sealing myself. What happened next was incredible – Mike took the time an effort to go back to the driveway sealer products and informed me of the best products to use for my DYI project. (Then he even helped me carry out the products. He apprised me that “Pavement Resources” is a Christian company who has helped our several churches in Anoka County. His “customer service” focus and genuine regard to help a stranger out without any expectation of being paid, or getting anything in return, was truly extraordinary – and was demonstrative of his amazing, yet genuine unconditional, unsolicited expression of his Christianity.

At my request, Mike gave me his contact information (name address phone etc) because I wanted to “Pay It Forward” to his employer at Pavement Resources and let him know that, without hesitation, I will enthusiastically make business referrals to Pavement Resources.

Mike is a dedicated, extraordinary employee that made my day!

- Glenn A. Werner

Thank You Pavement Resources!

Just a note to express my thanks for your assistance over the years with our pavement maintenance needs. We have owned the DuraPatcher since the year 2000 (having bought it from you) and have utilized that equipment as one of the most important tools in our arsenal against potholes and pavement deterioration. Thank you again.

- Tom Patterson

I Highly Recommend Pavement Resources!

I just wanted to thank-you for getting Sauk Rapids out of a bind earlier this summer. Earlier in the spring, Sauk Rapids had contracted the seal coating to be finished before the Benton county fair was to begin August 2-5. Staff shortages in the street department, along with other maintenance emergencies left a very small window to complete the necessary patching prior to seal coating work was to take place. Without the help of Pavement Resources, we would not have been able to complete the necessary work. I highly recommend utilizing Pavement Resources. Their professionalism was refreshing.

- Pete Eckhoff