How to Remove Ice from Driveway Without Salt

It’s winter, and for many homeowners and businesses, that means dealing with the dreaded task of shoveling snow and ice off driveways. But did you know that using salt for the melting process of the ice on your driveway can damage the pavement?

Salt on Driveway: Beneficial or Harmful

Salt is considered a natural substance that helps the melting process and de-icing of driveways during winter. It is also less likely to cause environmental damage. However, it can still be harmful to your driveway.

The winter season can wreak havoc on your driveway. The freezing and thawing of water can cause cracks and other damage to the pavement. And when you add salt to the mix, you’re just exacerbating the problem.

How Salt Damages Driveways

Salt is bad for concrete and asphalt. It can cause it to crack and chip; over time, this damage will only worsen. The Minnesota Department of Transportation recommends against using salt on your driveway.

Salt does two main things that damage driveways. First, it lowers the freezing point of water, which causes the ice to melt. But as the water melts, it seeps into any cracks or pores in the pavement and freezes again. This process is called freeze-thaw cycling, one of the main ways salt damages driveways.

Second, as the salt dissolves, it produces a brine solution. This brine is very corrosive and can eat away at the pavement, causing even more damage.

Here are the harmful effects of using salt for de-icing driveways – asphalt and concrete driveway.

• Salt damages the concrete by dissolving the calcium hydroxide in the cement paste, which is what gives concrete its strength.

• Spalling, or the flaking and peeling of concrete, can occur when salt is used on driveways.

• Rusting of reinforcing steel bars or “rebar” is another effect of using salt on concrete driveways.

• Salt can also create a pitted and spalled surface on asphalt driveways.

So, if you want to avoid damaging your driveway this winter, it’s best to find an alternative to salt. But what are your options?

Alternatives to Salt for De-Icing Driveways

There are a few different alternatives to salt that you can use to de-ice your driveway.

Calcium chloride 

One option is calcium chloride. Calcium chloride works similarly to salt, but it’s less corrosive and damaging to the pavement.


Sand will provide traction on the icy surface and can help to absorb some of the moisture. However, it’s important to note that sand does not melt the ice, so you need to be careful when walking on your driveway.

Ice Melt

Ice Melt is made from various materials, including magnesium chloride and calcium carbonate. It creates a barrier on the surface of the ice, which prevents it from bonding to the pavement. It not only keeps your driveway safe but also helps prevent further damage.

If you’re looking for a way to remove ice from your driveway without damaging the pavement, try one of these alternatives to salt. You’ll be glad you did!

The Best Way to Remove Ice and Snow Without Deicing Driveway

There are a few ways that you can remove ice from your driveway without the use of salt. You can use the following:

• A push broom to sweep the snow and ice off your driveway.

• A shovel the ice and snow off of your driveway.

• A snow blower to blow the ice and snow off of your driveway

Prevent Ice From Forming on Your Driveway

There are a few things that you can do to prevent ice from forming on your driveway in the first place. You can:

• Use a quality sealer on your driveway to create a barrier between the concrete and asphalt and the elements.

• Shovel your driveway regularly to keep it clear of snow and ice.

• Spread sand or kitty litter on your driveway to create traction.

• Cover your driveway with a tarp or plastic sheet when it is not in use to prevent snow and ice from forming.

Following these tips, you can prevent damage to your driveway and keep it clear of snow and ice all winter long!

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