Ice Castles, MN

Ice Castles is a tourist attraction that is made up of ice and frozen water. It is located in New Brighton. The attraction features a castle made of ice that visitors can walk through and explore. There are also slides, tunnels, and other features made of ice. It is a popular tourist destination for people of all ages and a great place to come and enjoy the winter weather. The attraction is also a great place to take pictures and create lasting memories.

The icy paradise has been around for over 30 years. It was started by Brent Christensen in 1988, who was only 19 years old at the time. He had originally created the attraction in New Brighton as a way to impress a girl he liked. The first ice sculptures were made out of a small refrigerator and some PVC pipe.

The attraction has continued to grow in popularity over the years, and now draws visitors from all over the world. In order to create the castles, Christensen and his team use around 25,000 gallons of water per day, which is then frozen into various shapes and structures. The castles can take on a number of different forms, including tunnels, cathedrals, and towers.

Some of the top things to see in the attraction include the LED-lit sculptures, the tunnels, slides, and more.

One of the unique things about this place is that they are constantly changing. Every day, the team creates new sculptures and designs, which means that no two visits are ever the same. Guests are able to walk through the castles and even slide down ice slides.

The icy paradise is open from December through March, and tickets can be purchased online or at the gate. Prices start at $10 for adults and $5 for children. More Info

The attraction is a fun place to go and enjoy the winter weather. There are a lot of things to do there, including walking through the castle, going on a slide, and playing in the snow. It’s a great place to spend an afternoon or evening with friends and family.

If you’re planning on visiting this place, there are a few things you’ll need to remember:

  • Wear boots with good traction. The ground can be icy and slippery, so you’ll want shoes that will help you stay stable.
  • Be careful when walking around. There are a lot of people walking in the castles, and it’s easy to trip or bump into someone if you’re not paying attention.
  • Stay warm! The place can be pretty chilly, so make sure you bundle up before heading out.
  • The attraction is a truly unique experience, so enjoy every minute of it!

Aside from that, visitors to this place will be enchanted by the intricate ice sculptures and awe-inspiring ice castles. But there are a few things you should know before you go. First, the slides and snow play areas are for children ages 3 and up only. For the safety of all visitors, adults are not allowed on the slides as they might break. Second, always use caution when playing in the snow as it can be slippery. Be sure to dress warmly and wear appropriate shoes. And finally, have fun of course! Learn more

Food is not allowed inside this place. However, there are food vendors located outside of the attraction. The food vendors available may vary depending on the day. However, some of the vendors that have been there in the past include Kettle Korn, pizza, and snow cones. There are also a variety of beverages available for purchase, including hot cocoa, coffee, and water.

The castles are open weather permitting. If it’s too warm, the ice will start to melt and the attraction will have to close for the day. Make sure to check the weather forecast before you go.

As previously mentioned, wearing comfortable shoes is a must when visiting this place. The attraction is located on icy ground and you’ll be doing a lot of walking. And consider wearing boots or shoes with good traction to avoid slipping.

Be sure to dress warmly when visiting this attraction. Even though you’ll be inside most of the time, it’s still cold inside the attraction. You’ll want to wear layers that you can take off if you start to feel too warm.

Finally, they have a few different policies regarding parking. First, you are not allowed to park in the spots designated for the Ice Castles employees. If you do, your car may be towed. Second, you are not allowed to park in the spots designated for the ice rink. If you do, your car may be ticketed. Finally, you are allowed to park in the spots designated for the general public, but only if there is space available. If all of the public parking spots are full, you will need to find alternate parking. Next